VFX Shoot

For Gary’s project we needed to shoot some original footage and add special effects to it. For my project i want to be standing on a perch and looking up at a space ship flying by, depending on how much time I have left I will make it so you are looking through a portal I may also add some post apocalyptic props to it. I have been doing some research on how to make matte paintings look more realistic by defining your light source and using solids to add light to the objects in your scene and adding shading to them too.rule of thirds.jpg

When it came to shooting my footage I booked a camera and a tripod from the camera department. I then went to the car park and set up the tripod so it would make the camera level to get a better quality footage. I then connected the camera and positioned it abiding to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. I had positioned me (The actor) in the bottom left of the grid where the bottom left red cross is. This meant I was not in the center but was still the focus of the footage.



Art Link – Zelda

In Peters class he had mentioned that he was going to do a Zelda inspired short clip where the word Zelda would be the main focus and then there will be some visual effects added to it creating an animation. As of this I decided I wanted to try and draw zelda as my art skills are lacking so I wanted to improve. Link Zelda.jpg


I went online on my phone and used this image as reference for my drawing but I did not trace which is quite clear in my final drawing my drawing by far is not the best but I plan on taking it into adobe illustrator and then using their tools to refine the lines and make them look more crisp. I may then proceed to colour it and import it into after effects and try to animate it if I can organize the components correctly.

Link Zelda Drawing.jpg

Fire Text AE

For Pete we were supposed to create a short after effects clip that affected the text we chose. My friend Oliver had done liquid and I had agreed to do fire. I had downloaded all the effects I used from Footage Crate.

Fire Gif.gif

For this project we were given the comp size and we were instructed to keep them in there. I made a text which said fire in a nice blocky bold font. This was so when it came to creating a mask it made it easier to follow the edges, I then created a black solid and made a mask around the text, I then duplicated this and added white noise then made this a scorching orange and then added black to make it seem like it was glowing coal.

I then got some stock fire png footage then added it to areas I felt it would suit then I duplicated it, rotated scaled and flipped the fire to then create the effect that there were different fires going across the text.

I then added the smoke cloud and made it so after the text is covered it extinguished the flame, and then reduced the opacity to make it fade out. This gave the appearance the smoke was dissipating. After the smoke wave to extinguish it I then added a different smoke feature to make it look like it was still steaming. I then made this fade out as the smoke did.

AE Skin Replacement

skin capture.gif

We were doing skin replacement on Adobe AE this was inspired by the new Netflix series Iron Fist. This is a series where his hand glows and it has immense strength.

The aim of this was to make an area of his face glow and display his veins. An example of this is when you get a really strong torch and shine it through your hand is has a similar effect. We achieved this look by using the white noise effect on an area we had selected via the pen tool, this created a mask. I wanted to create a more of a cool effect so I tried moving it around and rotating it to make it look like it was moving under his skin. I used a lot of feathering and scaling to make the veins look like they were under each other and not on the same layer.

There is room for improvement but I am happy with it as you can see if you look closely the veins go off his face near the end. I also wanted to make it fade into one point by scaling into a mall area then disappearing.

Fish tracking

We used the 3D Tracking feature on adobe after effects to paste an image onto the wall in this case it was a fish, its safe to say this feature is not perfect but it is really good at it. We were given some stock footage of a car driving past a fishery and then selected the tracking points and added in the fish as you can see the fish is clearly on the wall and doesn’t move around much even as the camera is moving which this would be very difficult to do if we done this any other way.

Fish gif.gif

VFX Project

For VFX We need to plan a project. This project is to consist of a short clip ranging from 5-15 seconds in length. We have to have some original footage which in my case will be  me jumping across the Grand canyon I plan on making it post apocalyptic and doing a sky replacement and adding fires and a lava flow at the bottom of the canyon.story board.png

Matte Painting

For this it was all about working with layers and transforming an area of land into something else while also making it look real/ original.

We made a mood board which consisted of a range of images we intended to use and what inspired us to do while editing.

mood board.png

So far ive changed the sea and merged it in using the feathering option in Adobe AE I went and got tropical water and then cut out a mask using the pen tool fortunately this was the right size for what I needed and covered the whole area id masked out. I want to remove the camps on the grass and leave it open then potentially add buildings of my choice there for example the manner house.

coast waterfall.jpg




Rigging With Expression Controls

I set up a rigging system on a robot within Adobe After Effects. This was done by using Expression Controls, to do this I went into the effects and presets tab and chose ‘Angle Control’ I attached this to the last link in the arm ‘Arm 7’ and made my way towards to the body. I re-assigned the pivot location to the synapses between each link in the arm. I also reassigned the pivot for every component into more convenient locations this allowed me to get a more flush movement when moving the components.



I also setup parenting for all components so they could move as one and more efficiently this allowed me to move the arms in a circular form.


We added a rotation to every layer by coping and pasting the Angle control on every arm piece. We added an adjustment layer to be the controller of the arms. This keeps the Angle Control and we names them accordingly setting each control to each arm and labelling them Left and Right.

Sky Replacement

Well, I was instructed to change the sky of a given scene. After this I then decided to choose a more complex scene and a more complex sky. I tried to do this the classic way buy adjusting the colours from the RGB To black and white then making it more ridged. This meant that the white was see through and the black was solid so he aim was to make the sky white and the landscape black.

After this I added a black solid and a white solid I then masked this out. I then added in the sky and feathered it in to make it appear more natural afterwards I then needed to fix the colour. to do this I used effect and colour correction and used the auto colour correction and manually tweaked it to get the finish I liked.

I needed to make the scene darker, as the image I used was really bright and it did not match the sky I’d put in. After this I needed to manually change the colour of some of the trees as they had an orange glow from the sun in the image before.

Empty Highway Edited.jpg

This is my image that I edited.

empty highway.jpg

This is the image is was before I edited it.


There was an issue when I was changing the sky as there were some white bits peering through the tree line to fix this I cut out a mask of the tree line and moved it over the hole and then I feathered this in and this looked amazing people will never be able to tell where this was from looking at the image.

After I was content with my image I feathered the tree line and added an optical focus to the image making the outer edges of the focal oval appear darker then the inside.

Crazy Monster

Well using adobe ae we made an animation using the pin tool. This was more effective than I thought it would be and made some crazy end results which were a lot easier to achieve than I thought it would be.

We used an image of the college as a backplate, then put the monster on top. Afterwards we setup the pin tool on the monster then adjusted it where we wanted. We moved the time line along then moved the pin puppet. This automatically created a path of movement for the component we moved.

I made mine dance while itching his face with his foot.