Imagine World Wizard

Group Project, participants;

Fraser Gibson (Modeler, animator, coder and character/ weapon artist)

Oliver Fleck (2D Pixel art, 3D Modelling level designer and animator/ Texture artist)

Dillon McClennan (3D Moddeler/ Texture artist and weapon designer)

Callum Cook (3D Modeler, asset manager and coder)


We are planning on making a room with low poly but effective assets ranging from books to little log fires. We want it to be a mythical theme and be based around wizardry so there might be assets like potions. We will be making a character and we will be making weapons. The room will be a round wizard tower with little windows.

We want to use substance painter to texture things we want to keep the whole thing low poly We are unsure if we want to have enemy spawning or just use training dummy’s and firing targets. We are using the game The Songs Of Seven as inspiration as it has a similar art style to what we want.



App Concept Idea

There is a platform which is balancing on a center point. This point does not move but the board which across it does. There are red and blue balls which fall. There is a red and blue side the aim of the game is to tilt the platform to allow the balls to match the side it needs to go into. There will be stages where the game changes colours. Basically the colours will switch sides. This will confuse the player. power-ups such as time slowing and +points or lives will spawn. As you progress though the game it will get harder with negative effects drops like -points or gif turn.gif

I used the code this basically links to the transform movement and controls it via the left and right key, this is exactly what I needed. The balls one spawned in via the code instantiate thy will drop down using unity’s physics. I will add a rigidBody onto the spheres which drop as it has mass and gravity. I locked the rotations on the board other than the X so it only moves in the X. I then locked its position so it does not move either.

turn code.PNG


Concept Drawings

I have decided to try and make and archery game, so I drew up a list of some assets I may need to make and use though the game. The assets were quick sketches not really high detail but enough for you to be able to see what it is.


Obviously you will only really need the bow and arrow, but I felt it would look cool if there were other weapons on a table or being presented or perhaps scattered around the environment to secure the time period which would be medieval.

There is a viking helmet, Syth, sword, shield and battle axe.

grass in unity.PNG

For the game there will basically be a shooting range where the character will be shooting the arrows down a firing range and hitting a moving target. The targets will disappear after a period of time and re appear shortly after. I plan on adding a UI so you can keep track of score. The firing range will be a field so I have researched how to add grass to unity, the grass is a 2D texture which is just made in layer. i could have it slightly 3D If I were to use Maya’s grass. Too make the game a little bit more eye pleasing I will add terrain surrounding it so it looks like you are in a ditch to stop you seeing over a completely flat plane.

Enemy movement

For my assessment prep I have been working on the 2D Top down game, previously I have been stuck with the enemies that stare at my player though the walls. this was an issue as I was instantly dying as soon as I left the cover due to the rain of bullets upon me. I have been sifting though lines of code and I have found a way of making the enemy follow his waypoint path and only shoot on these axis. This is much better and looks cleaner as even though walls the enemy was always looking at my character.

enemy move waypoint gif.gif

I removed the ‘Trig2 Rotation’ script as this was what was controlling it and added these 3 lines of code which when broken down make the enemy focus/ aim towards his next way point. This is more eye pleasing and simple put its a lot better.

code new.PNG

GTA Through the ages

Not many people know this but the original GTA came out as a top down game. Grand Theft Auto is made up of six levels split between the three main cities. In each level, the player’s ultimate objective is to reach a target number of points, which is typically achieved by performing tasks for the city’s local crime syndicate. GTA 1 was released in 1997, the game was only available for 3 platforms; Playstation, Gameboy Colour and PC/ windows.

GTA 1.jpg

When GTA Vice city came out for the Xbox original. The Xbox original took the console market by storm many people had this as it was more affordable and the list of games released for it. Rockstar games were given a lot more ground to work with making it easier for them to make the game they had originally intended to make but was limited by hardware. The Xbox had a lot more power and was easier to play then the game-boy. The colour made it so you can aim and shoot using the toggle sticks. This feature when it originally came out was frowned upon due to many people finding it hard to get to grips with but however is now evolutionary.

GTA Vice.jpg

Now with a 3D world with guns, drugs, cars and a lot of money. GTA was the ideal gangster fantasy game. Still staying to some old traditions from the previous versions. You still get ‘Busted’ once caught from cops and still get ‘Wasted’ once deceased. GTA began to come to a huge success attracting many players from their fun cheats which were collected upon a raggedy piece of paper that the players had researched. From flying cars to spawning tanks the world was yours.

GTA china.jpg

Hardware can be very positive but can also be a letdown using other ways to influence your game play style was highly dictated by the controller and the input to the game. Many companies made huge success from this using platforms such as DS and PSP to branch off to hand held games. With all of this hardware available and different input methods you would assume game development companies will go to town with this opportunity. When GTA released GTA Chinatown it was one of the biggest fails it had done making a boring game which was not enjoyable to play and which ventured from its typical roots.


GTA V was one of the biggest games released it was a huge success and still sttracks hundreds of thousands of players setting new records for sales and players. They originally came out with the game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 This was a limitation as they wanted to implement better graphics but was held back by the systems capacity this lead to the releasing the game 1 year later for next gen consoles like the Xbox one and PS4, they then later released for the PC on steam. Still releasing game changing updates, fixing bugs controlling servers and adding new missions for players to complete shows the success of the game years after launch.

Mario 64

After the wave of Mario games for the Atari, the N64 or Nintendo 64 was the revolutionary console of its time. It was one of the first consoles which had buttons and a toggle-stick as its controller. This meant it was now possible to have a 3D walking game. Mario was a world renown game for its features, boss fights, quests challenges. Plus, loads of tubes. From attempting to rescue the princess to fighting Bowser. There was so much to do with this game. Many people found the controller uncomfortable to handle due to its 3 prong handles that altered they way you played each game, having different positions for the controller depending on the game you were playing.

n64 controller.jpgMario 64.jpg

Mario used the same style for all of its missions, implementing one new feature at a time allowing the player to go through a training phase before doing the real task. This means that if the player was doing a jumping task where he had to jump across platforms to reach the end, there will be a safety net beneath it catching Mario so he did not die.

111 mariocart.jpg

Mario 64 was one of the more popular Mario games, this may have been the release of it for the Nintendo Wii. This targeted the youth of a different generation getting them hooked lining the Mario franchise up for future releases such as Mario cart.

wee acces.jpg

The Nintendo Wii release definitely made haste for the Mario franchise lining up the players for more equally addicting Mario games. The Wii gave the game developers many different ways to play from the sensor bar to the gyroscope in the Wii remote, this lead to the use of this for the steering wheel for Mario Cart

Console Evolution

Console evolution is critical for influencing game development for example it was impossible to have a first person shooter on something like the NES controller as it does not have the duel joy sticks available that more modern consoles have such as Xbox and PlayStation in fact it does not even have one joy stick it has a typical DPad. A typical Xbox controller has two thumb sticks that allows precision for FPS games such as Call of Duty.


Games with a duel toggle stick was frowned upon as the users found it difficult to get to grips with when it came to FPS games. Many different instruments have been released optimising game play experiences. There are hand helds like the PSP or DS which has evolved is hardware over time, making more games possible. Consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had a rivalry for the best performance and optimisation. Xbox 360 won by a mile as it had way better stats its hardware was just better then Playstation. To reduce cost of the PS3 Sony began making a loss per unit it was selling.


The next generation consoles made the war even more heated. It continued its rivalry and they are so close it is down to personal preference. With a few games which had been the selling point for each console due to their exclusiveness. Now with have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox one Scropio to with more memory and better graphics allowing further optimisation.

Game Evolution.

For this as a task from Chris we are required to find a game series which has been limited by the technology available to the developers at the time. This means that games that come out for consoles such as the Atari 2600 and their controllers or external systems use to manipulate the player/ game play.


Basically this shows how games have adapted to the controllers and game playing methods available, the Atari for example Mario was a fixed screen which did not move and there was a set map where you were required to kill certain enemies and collect drops while avoiding enemies.


In the game, Mario is portrayed as an Italian American plumber who had previously been branded as a carpenter accompanied with his younger brother Luigi, has to defeat creatures that have been coming from the sewers below New York City. The gameplay focuses on Mario’s extermination of them by flipping them on their backs and kicking them away. The original versions of Mario Bros. The arcade version and the Family Computer/ Nintendo Entertainment System version were received positively.


Space Game

For this game I had done quite a lot of work, there was initially a start screen when you open the game. After you press on the play button it would then load the next level I had used the UI System in order to achieve this. I had added code which detected the mouse click by using ‘on mouse down’

A few things had went wrong at first I had found it difficult to navigate the scene management making it possible to change levels. As you have to use the builder menu to load in each scene after I had wrote the code to change the scene I then had to change it on the next scene to then take me to the second level.

Space game GIF.gif

I had made the meteors go into an elliptical path which was because this is how it occurs in real life, I also added a rotate script cause meteors rotate as they move through space. On the first level I had used the stock images and attacked the camera to the ship. Which had a polygon collider assigned to it as I could adjust it to actually be the shape of the ship. Unity done a good job at doing it automatically so I didn’t even need to change anything. The stock images looked quite poor so the second level I had used my own space themed images I had gathered.

As the camera is attached to the ship it means as you spawn you can see the outside of the map and it looks poor so on the second level I had added a Sci- Fi background to it to make it look little bit more eye pleasing. I also added a collider around it so you could not exit the play region.

I added a timer to the maps as well so if you were finding it too easy it added that little bit ore pressure. After the timer hit 0 the level forces a restart. I had made the timer by using GUI Which I was surprised it still worked as this is old unity. I also added a death script to the meteors so once you collide with them it also forces a restart.

Waypoints for Enemies

I decided to add a more complex movement path for another enemy, this was to make the level seem more difficult by having more then one enemy to kill. The aim it to kill one while the other is not looking. The enemy goes out the room and then goes into the cupboard this is supposed to be the time to kill the other enemy the aim is to time it perfectly so once the enemy goes into the cupboard the other enemy will be near the entrance allowing u to discretely kill him.

enemy move gif.gif

After you kill the first enemy you will then be able to continue by killing the second one. I plan on adding obstacles to make it easier to kill the second enemy silently without being seen. Currently you do not die and you are not able to kill the enemy but I plan on adding this soon.