Ak-47 Progress

I have since gotten my AK to a stage of near completion. This has been a long process. I wanted to try and keep the separate components to a minimum and still have it so it would be easier to texture the model. I had finished modeling the base components to the model and it looked alright After I made a few minor tweaks it was close to the original.

ak 47.jpg

I had then decided that I wanted to texture the model properly, by this I mean that I don’t want to use Keyshot I wanted to actually unwrap the model. I had selected each component and used the automatic unwrap feature. This unwrapped the component but it was not perfect with a few faces out of place and not particularly in the best place so I had cut moved and sewn some faces in different locations as I felt it would be more efficient this way.

AK UV butt text.png

I had done a basic texture on the butt of the gun this was to learn the ropes so I can refresh my memory on how to texture. It did not look the best but I am planning on upgrading the texture making them match and look neater.

Ak Render PNG.png

Ak-47 Modelling

I have decided to try and model an Ak-47 For both my High poly asset for Matt and my portfolio. This is because I feel it is a generic asset which could be used as a base gun in any shooter game I might make in the future. I have been modelling this though the process of keeping the separate components of the gun as separate shapes. this is my favorite way of doing it as it has more of a factory manufacturing process to it.

I had started off by making the wooden parts of the gun these are the; butt, handle and barrel. I then moved onto the magazine this was as it was more efficient to do these components then make the main body of the gun fit these parts instead of the other way round.

AK prog.PNG

I will import this into Keyshot once completed and then add some textures to it. I will use the knowledge I picked up from my previous encounters with the rendering software to make this render better than my previous ones. I will adjust the reflections to a realistic amount as previously it had been too reflective and caused problems when rendering. I did not even know that this was a mistake at the time as I did not know there were so many different levels I could adjust.

ak 47 png.png

App Concept Idea

There is a platform which is balancing on a center point. This point does not move but the board which across it does. There are red and blue balls which fall. There is a red and blue side the aim of the game is to tilt the platform to allow the balls to match the side it needs to go into. There will be stages where the game changes colours. Basically the colours will switch sides. This will confuse the player. power-ups such as time slowing and +points or lives will spawn. As you progress though the game it will get harder with negative effects drops like -points or speed-ups.game gif turn.gif

I used the code this basically links to the transform movement and controls it via the left and right key, this is exactly what I needed. The balls one spawned in via the code instantiate thy will drop down using unity’s physics. I will add a rigidBody onto the spheres which drop as it has mass and gravity. I locked the rotations on the board other than the X so it only moves in the X. I then locked its position so it does not move either.

turn code.PNG


Concept Art

For Tony we need to construct a turn around sheet for our character, this is to contain multiple angles of the same character. This is to get an understanding on the different views. I have decided to draw some concepts of a night. Wrongfully in pen but it was the only thing handy at the time. these are quick sketches which allow you to get a feel for the character. Short and stubby. Big build. There is supposed to be an enigma generated via his face being unknown.


I had drew the character at a number of different angles, front on, side on and broken up into separate components the character is also in different positions which I feel was good as it helped me work out how he would look like in different positioned. This may be useful when it comes to animating the character. I had previously done some concepts of medieval weapons which I feel corresponds with this character nicely.

Concept Drawings

I have decided to try and make and archery game, so I drew up a list of some assets I may need to make and use though the game. The assets were quick sketches not really high detail but enough for you to be able to see what it is.


Obviously you will only really need the bow and arrow, but I felt it would look cool if there were other weapons on a table or being presented or perhaps scattered around the environment to secure the time period which would be medieval.

There is a viking helmet, Syth, sword, shield and battle axe.

grass in unity.PNG

For the game there will basically be a shooting range where the character will be shooting the arrows down a firing range and hitting a moving target. The targets will disappear after a period of time and re appear shortly after. I plan on adding a UI so you can keep track of score. The firing range will be a field so I have researched how to add grass to unity, the grass is a 2D texture which is just made in layer. i could have it slightly 3D If I were to use Maya’s grass. Too make the game a little bit more eye pleasing I will add terrain surrounding it so it looks like you are in a ditch to stop you seeing over a completely flat plane.

Mario Drawing

For Tony I drew a Mario head, this was not particularly inspired by anything. I had no specific reference for drawing this as there was not one set image I had went off. I had merged 2-3 images of Mario together using the hat from one image, the face and his facial features from another image and I used the ears from the racoon Mario.

Racoon mario.png

There is a lot about this drawing I do not quite like but I am getting quite happy with my progress of art as I have never particularly been the best at it and I am still not but I have noticed some steady improvement.

Mario racoon drawing.jpg

I much rather prefer a cartoon drawing style as I feel t is easier to draw. Plus It doesn’t have to look real I am able to use my imagination as inspiration for my drawings which I really like about it. I must admit I am not very happy with the outcome for the eyes other then that I am rather happy with the drawing as a whole.

Evil Monkey Family Guy

I decided to draw the evil money from family guy as a small project, I was really impressed with what I had achieved I took my time going back over it refining the lines and adding more pressure to the lines I was certain on keeping. I had used my phone again as I was not at my computer, so I used my phone. This presented me with the issue of scaling as quite clearly the A4 paper is considerably bigger then my phone. So this stopped my from just copying.

Evil money.jpg

It took me around 3 attempts to get some serious work done due to the scaling as I had struggles getting it right but once I had made some progress I was able to use the work I had already done to estimate the sizes of the other lines which I felt went quite well in the end. I did use reference for this drawing unlike the anime one and I am quite happy with the final outcome I really want to put this one in illustrator and then refine the lines going over what I hand drew then colouring it.

Evil monkey Family guy.jpg

Anime Head

For Tony we are currently focusing on heads and anatomy of the body, to eventually be able to make our own character and model it. I decided to draw an anime head so it had cartoon characteristics and was not supposed to look real. For this drawing there was no influence there was just my imagination of what I thought the head should look like.

Anime character.jpg

With this drawing I am quite happy as I feel I have done most of the features fairly well such as the hair but I feel there is room for much improvement. Once again I plan on importing this into Adobe Illustrator and refining the drawing but before that I will put it in photo shop and adjust the levels to bring out the pencil strokes a bit more as the image is a poor quality. All this does is made the dark colours darker and the lighter colours whiter, making the lines look more obvious then they currently are its extremely useful once its in illustrator.

As you can see with the drawing I had tries to show depth by putting the hair behind her head in a pony tail. and you can see the angles of her chin etc this was because I thought it would look more boring if it was front facing as you wouldn’t quite see the hair but still it is only an anime inspired drawing so I as really left to my own devices as it was what I wanted it did not need to look realistic.

Art Link – Zelda

In Peters class he had mentioned that he was going to do a Zelda inspired short clip where the word Zelda would be the main focus and then there will be some visual effects added to it creating an animation. As of this I decided I wanted to try and draw zelda as my art skills are lacking so I wanted to improve. Link Zelda.jpg


I went online on my phone and used this image as reference for my drawing but I did not trace which is quite clear in my final drawing my drawing by far is not the best but I plan on taking it into adobe illustrator and then using their tools to refine the lines and make them look more crisp. I may then proceed to colour it and import it into after effects and try to animate it if I can organize the components correctly.

Link Zelda Drawing.jpg

Heads and Anatomy

As I have mentioned in previous posts we try to draw heads from an unusual angle/ perspective. This is why I had done a blog post on them.

We had been looking at unusual drawing such as faces within faces this is what inspired me to do this drawing, I had started of with the main head which is in the centre of the page. After I had gotten a spherical shape I was happy with I added so guide lines to help me get the angle of the eyes correct and the scale of them. After I done this I had then added a line for the mouth and a simple pyramid where the nose is I started to go around these lines and start adding more lines fine tuning the shape.

Head angles.PNG

After I had done the first head I wanted to add something unusual, this is why I exposed the brains and added smaller heads coming off the neck. Both of the smaller heads are looking at a different angle. And all of the heads are not a front on perspective this was to make it more challenging.