Creative and Technical

Slide 2.PNG

I had gathered reference images for inspiration. I had heavily followed one which is clearly the dominant image on the slide above. I loved the style behind it and felt like it would match the theme for my imagined worlds project at the same time. This lead to me making my model based around the image in the middle.

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I started by getting reference images, I then drew my work but it had been lost due to poor weather conditions. I made the low, I then made the high from this stage I then unwrapped the low poly one. I then put these uvs into substance painter, using masks and materials I textured the staff.

Slide 5.PNG

Textured using base materials in substance painter. Using the smart materials and masks. I had then tweaked each material use to get the colours I wanted.

Slide 6.PNG

I baked the high poly which was made from the low. The high poly differs from to the low in the handle and the top crystal. I achieved the high poly by using hard edges and smoothing the model to make it look more round where I wanted it.

Slide 4.PNG

My final model. These are my best renders with positioned light. There are renders with and without shadows hence the change in colour.  Making this model was a struggle due to the awkward shapes this proved to be very tricky to unwrap. However after some perseverance I pulled it through and laid out the uvs. I had found more problems like the grain not matching and the uvs I have since found a way to fix this problem by changing some of the settings in the uv editor.


Imagined world Progress

For my teams imagined world project we seem to be making haste. Progress seems to be going well Callum is doing some nice work with texturing and Dillon was focusing on some nic nacks Such as Cheese and a cheese knife. I have been making some small assets and doing some scene management we have decided to get some nice high detailed snippets of the scene in Maya rather than using unity I had added more items and made a cloth using the cloth feature in Maya. We then made the cloth into a solid this is so it was a fixed part of the scene it was easier said than done.



I made it come together as it was a bit too spread out for my liking there are still some gaps that need to be filled however we are now primarily focusing on texturing and UV unwrapping. We then need to focus on making some walls and giving it some structure.


We have been contentiously updating Trello this is so we can keep on top of our progress. Callum has been doing a lot of texturing, while me and Dillon have been making some more models which we are using to fill empty spaces in the scene. The only problem our group is currently facing is Oliver has been off for the second time in 1 week this has set the group back a little bit but we are coping okay.


Imagined Worlds Staff

As part of my imagined world project, I decided to make a low poly staff which corresponded with the wizard theme. I found some concept art on the internet and went of this for inspiration. I didn’t follow it from vertex to vertex but I followed it heavily.

Fantasy Staff.jpg

I had used separate components for each piece so the handle was one cylinder The top and bottom crystal were separate and the golden part at the top which connects to the crystals is also another shape.  I plan on importing my model to Substance painter and adding the textures this will refresh my knowledge on substance and will hopefully leave my model finished and ready for the game engine as I have been shy regarding to textures.


Sound types


Diegetic sound is a noise which has a source on-screen. They are noises which have not been edited in, for example dialogue between characters or footsteps. Another term for diegetic sound is actual sound.

  • voices of characters 
  • sounds made by objects in the story 
  • music represented as coming from instruments in the story Epic_sax_guy.gif



Non-diegetic sound is a noise which does not have a source on-screen, they have been added in. For example music, voice over, sound effects. Non-diegetic sounds are often used to add drama to moments that would be silent without it.

  • narrator’s commentary
  • sound effects which is added for the dramatic effect
  • mood music

Jaws Giff.gif

Traditions jaws suspense music!

Led Zeppelin Carouselambra

As a project fro Tony we need to build a scene based on what e think from this song. This is to show the importance of music in film this all ties into the imagined world as sound plays a big part in the imagined world project. We looked at how different sound effects affect the scene in films to show its importance. In film they normally make music to fit the scene but for this task we are doing the opposite. We are making a scene to fit the music. The scene can be drawn or matte painted.

Led Z Mood board.png

I have started off by collecting a college of images what I imagines suited the location/ theme based on the music I also went more in depth with people and their styles/ clothes. I think it is heavily 80’s themed. I also picked out certain instruments I can also imagine it being cloudy as you were able t smoke in bars in the 80’s.

Imagined world Stool

I had made a stool for the imagined world it was supposed to be a chair but I had really liked the style of a stool I had found on the internet so I decided to use this as inspiration as it matched the style we are going for. I thought it was quite old school and matched the theme we have. Its simple and elegant and has loads of potential, I am able to import it into mudbox and add loads of detail like chips knots and grooves. I will also add the grain. I plan on adding the grain texture in substance painter.


I have focused on my retopology for my model and made it all into quads/ squares. This was so when I import it into mudbox it will be able to subdivide the model more effectively. It made it easier and it imported better. I had originally used hard edges to try and keep the form of the model as I wanted to smooth it. This caused problems so I manually added more edge-loops to it and this imported fine the only problem is it will have a higher density of faces in these parts but that cant be helped.




Imagined World Ladder

As part of my imagined world I have made a ladder, I didn’t want it to be boring and plain so I made it a bit unique. I made it bow out at the bottom and go thinner near the top. This was to give it an effect I also made the slats wonky to make it look old and rustic and unstable/ broken. It gave it a bit more character than a normal plain uniform ladder would have I feel like it fits really well in the scene and matches the modelling style.


I used soft select to help make the model. I made The ladder from 2 primitive cubes. I then made them equal distance apart and extruded 10 upwards I then added 10 equal segments into it this made it really compatible with the soft select as they use the same scale so When i wanted it to warp the whole ladder I set the value to 10. I made each slat equal distance apart and moved them all individually to give it some character. The difference between the low and high are simply just bevels on the edges.


Wizard Hat

As one of my assets I was instructed to make a wizard hat by the scrum master (guy in charge) I found this very difficult but I had good intentions! I started with a cone and made the inside hollow I then used soft selection to help with this. I then got a shape I was comfortable with and this was my low poly! I had googled wizard hats and found some general shapes I like and mixed a lot of them together.

wizard hat low.PNG

I then decided to add a kink to the hat, which was more like a bend. I need to do the same on the low poly to be able to bake data onto it. So Oliver unwrapped the high poly one as if we were to bake data onto it it would be this one we will just make the high poly even higher. I manually added edge loops and sculpted in the detail by hand as I really dislike mudbox. I added rolls and kinks into the hat and minor dents by dragging edges and vertexes.

wizard hat high.PNG

Imagine worlds

Project management is key we are using trello to keep on track with all of our work and our progress we have also used spread sheets and graphs to assist in this. We have been updating the sheets and graphs each week making it clear how many assets we have left to construct. The trello was made by Oliver, this is great for project management as it has so many features it is literally designed for organizing projects! You are able to assign tags/ colours to things. We used this to make it clear who was modeling each model. We made a key making it clear on what colour was which person. and then assigned this colour to assets and this is how me know. We have different sections for the modeling pipeline progress this is so we know what stage the model is at.

trello Wizard.PNG

We update the graphs each week, this is so we can keep on track of what we are doing we change scrum master each week and they are in charge! They need to update the charts and tell people what they need to be doing. We have branded the spreadsheets with W4 and A W As our logo.

Spread sheet wizard.PNG


Sword, Imagined world

For my imagined world we are doing medieval, this is the topic we had chosen. We want to have a weapons rack so we have dedicated people to make specific weapons to fill this up, we want axes sword shields etc. I decided to make a sword as I had made one prior. I had drawn many concepts before coming to my final design. After consulting my team on which they liked I continued to neglect what they said and done the one I liked anyway.

I wanted the blade to be different, I wanted it to not look like a conventional sword blade so I made it in two parts and attempted to make them overlap creating a cool looking effect. This sword is made out of 1 cube I just extruded as It was easier. I started off with a pyramid.