James had made a simple model as a crab, he almost instantly became a sensation for the game. Drew attention to us and made people interested as he was a cool little feature, We were going to hide him in the rock pool as this is where you generally find crabs and sea life. However I also wanted people to be able to see him. I decided to make 2, placed on at the rock pool and placed one on the dock which is where you first dismount the boat. It will be almost impossible to miss him.


Having him there was cool, however he was static. I then added an AI Script to him and made it so he will always follow the player. This caused an issue where he would not stop until he was at the center of you. I then needed to change his collider to stop this. He also used to push you up and make you fly. I then added mass which had more of an effect then his thrust that moved him. This stops him from flying and the new capsule collider stops him from getting under you unless you jump.

island full 1.PNG

I then thought, he can now follow you. This is cool. However when you first started in the game and were on the boat he would glitch out on the island. I thought I would add code to make it so he is static and once clicked he would move. I already had the foundations for this from the ship switch mode code. I took the switch mode code and changed it to on click and raycasts to activate the crab. I also added thrust to him once he has been clicked to make him jump out at you


Shipwreck Scene

I decided the empty ocean did not look too appealing and one of the main features of the game was to have multiple islands, I decided to make a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean as id had something for the players to look at other than emptiness. I got the Ship Dillon had made and intentionally made it into a different colour so it would standout more as the current colour is too light anyway. I then positioned it into an angled position as if the stern was on the ocean floor. I then got a land mass I had quickly made for the blockout in the beginning of the project and it fir perfectly around the boat as if it was built for it so I kept it.

Shipwreck Scene.PNG

I proceeded to scatter around debris like crates barrels and nic nac items to fill the water around it. I looked at it and saw it was still bare and decided to add a palm tree from the other islands to make a contrast from the natural tone colours as it is a really bright green. I positioned all the debris into different angles and positions gave them all a random scatter look. I made them angled in a way to make them look like they would as if they were really floating. Shipwreck scene 2.PNG

Campfire Scene

We have added a campfire scene from the assets we have made. Most of the scene consists of James’s assets. He has made them specially for this scene. Dillon has made the tent, Brandon the Big brown Box and Jordan the open crate and books. I ad imported all the assets and built the scene in a day. The fire was obviously going to be the center of attention so we added a particle effect to make it look like a fire, this lacks in detail intentionally.

Campfire Scene.PNG

James made the stand for the fire and the logs on the inside. I assembled these together in the current arrangement. I added a flat rock in the middle for the fire to sit on and smaller rocks around the outside to make it look like the stereotypical fire in cartoons. As cartoon style and low poly have a lot of correlations.

campfire scene 2.PNG

Dillon made the tent, intentionally as minimalist as possible. I assembled the items in the crates as they were all empty. Brandon had made the crate. Adding all these different assets together ended out having a really good finished product. The scene fits the theme and it is nicely arranged to look not too fake. We are planning on adding more.

Island 1 Progress

Island 1 is defiantly near completion. It has a decent amount of assets placed around it and it seems to be coming together as an island. It has a very nice stylized look to it and the colours are bright and bold. they correspond well with each other.

Island 1.PNG

We are however still awaiting a few assets from the modelling team. including ground plants and a chest which is part of the MVP. I am looking into making a trigger open the chest. Therefore we need an animation to trigger when its activated.

Island 2.PNG

I had imported the stylized dock against my team leaders will and it has seemed to add more of a feature to the island. I then proceeded to get the rocks I had previously made rotated and scaled them. I placed a selection of them around the posts of the dock to make it look anchored down.

Hermz, a stylized crab has been added and textured. He has been nicely placed on the post to make him clearly visible as most of the group really like him. We are planning on hiding more around the islands.

Island 3.PNG

I have placed the tress in places I felt suited the island and its giving the island some characteristics. Its really beginning to come together from what is once was.

Rockery, Oasis.

I felt like the island was missing something. It needed some different colours to attract the eye. The island was more of a bleached yellow than a sandy colour as it fit the style guide better. I opened Maya and began modeling some small rocks. I felt like i only needed a few as once they have been rotated and scaled they look like different rocks.


The style guide is low poly. This meant that the rocks did not need much or any real attention to detail. I made a cube for one and extruded on side. Scaled one face on on side and beveled particular edges giving it a cool stylized look. I wanted to make another rock look more like a sedimentary rock.  I wanted it to be more flat, more like a sheet of slate. the first one looked more like a boulder.

Boat Switch/ Controlling

The task at hand is making on the ability to switch from the person to the boat and control them. Unity is really good at this as you can turn off individual things in the scene or in an object. You are able to find an object in code and find features in the object and turn the on and off. I will be using this ability to make it so you can switch through the person and the boat. You are only allowed one active camera in a unity scene at a time.  When driving the boat I will turn off the camera on the FPS Controller and make the camera on the boat active vice versa.

When the mode is switched to boat, the camera on the FPS Controller will be turned off and the FPS Controller will be set to the position of an empty object on the boat, the empty will be a child of the boat so it will always be at the same place on the boat every time. When you get of the boat I will also turn is kinematic to off so the boat does not move off when you dock on the island.

As a stretch goal, I am planning on making it so you can only get off the boat when within a radius of it. I currently do not know how to do this so I will have to do some research. Currently the code is limited to using 2 different keys to get on and off the boat and there is no radius. I also want to implement a radius to the boat and the functions. I feel once I have learnt the radius code I will be able to apply it to a few things throughout the scene. I would also like to have the on and off button for the boat set to the same key but currently do not know this either.


Coding Progress

I have made some coding progress. I have been updating and adapting my ship movement to be more boat realistic. I have made it so the boat is no longer able to move side to side using arrow keys as it was not a realistic movement for a boat. I also made it so you now control the boat by changing direction of the mouse. You were able to look 360 really fast. I now changed it so you can only look left and right. This is because the camera is in a 3rd person view and it is not needed to look in the other directions. I had set the turning movement to be extremely slow this is to also add realism to the movement.


My next steps are to Make it so you can get ‘out’ of the boat and move the character about. I have found a resource which will help me achieve this. The college will not let me unpack the standard assets so I am limited from certain things like adding real water. I am going to focus on the two separate movements the player and ship movement before I then proceed to work on other goals like an upgrade system.

Movement! Pre Prod

I have been given the task of coding so far I have been working on side things like making a logo doing research. I found a lot of images close to the style we want and this is good to keep focused onto the art style we want. The others have been doing some concept drawings and making some plans for the items we may have.

Low Poly Boat 8.jpg

Both my coding and Unity knowledge is fairly limited for many reason, It has been a while since I used it and really I never knew a great deal. My task for the team will mainly involve a lot of research as I need to research what I want and work with what I can find! I am hoping as time goes on I build a better understanding to code and it becomes easier for me to code and hopefully I will be able to recite the code without needing to research.

Movement 1.gif

As of now my task is heavily research based.  have been looking into some code and I have successfully been able to setup movement mechanics and I have attached the camera to the cube which will later be replaced into a ship. This is just a blockout. I also added a script to the camera so it finds the cubes position and follows it, I then added an offset this is so you can see the cube/ boat from a 3rd person perspective.

Low Poly Asset Selection 1.png

We have also done some character research and one of our members has made progress on making some natural objects like trees. Following the low poly style so it fits in!

Traffic Light

My friend Callum is a contributor for a community. They requested that he make a temporary traffic light, he needed some help so I took it upon myself to build the head of the traffic light for him. There were easy parts and hard parts. The  base of it the rectangle it all connects too  was quite easy. It is a simple shape I then added indents to equally divide the 3 lights on the traffic light.

Traffic Light.png

Making the cover for the light was difficult to get the right shape. I started off with a cylinder and move the vertexes to get the right shape. I then smoothed it so it did not have straight edges and it was actually rounded. In order to make this work I needed to crease certain edges or it would morph into itself and it quite simply just broke. After this I then added in some edge-loops and moved them where I needed as one crease was not enough to do what I needed. Once I was happy with the shape I then duplicated it 2 times and then positioned them in the center of the 2 indents where it was perfectly in the middle.

Traffic Light 1.png

For the light part of it this was quite difficult to get this to look right too. I got a sphere and stole a lot of the faces off it. This was all I needed I then got the smooth tool and pulled it out until I was satisfied with it. It took some manual vertex moving to get it too look right. It took some time to scale it to the right size and get it to fit into the cover. I had to manually move it and scale it to make it look right.

Traffic Light 2.png

After I had modeled it and was satisfied I then added the colours to it to make it perfectly clear what it was. It looks a lot better with some colours to it. There was supposed to be a trailer for it to go onto but that was modeled by someone else.

Traffic Light head.jpg

Next steps to this could be making it light up and make the light have an effect on the environment around it. From this perhaps I could make it change colour as this will be quite a cool feature to have. I have all the components to make a traffic light so from this I could make a full sized one not just a temporary one. Maybe make it have 2 sets of lights on it and have them change alternatively.


Open Book

For our imagined worlds project We had a book shelf and many books to fill them however we did not have an open book. I thought it would be useful to have this to fill some space in our world even if it was only once or twice on a shelf or table. I then proceeded to make an open book. I started off with a primitive cube and then made it into the book cover which I wanted to be a hard shell. I then extruded up twice where the pages would be and made it the right scale.


I then used the smooth and crease tool to achieve the curved pages which I think looks really good and I am quite happy with the shape I achieved. However unfortunately this item did not get used as the deadline came too quick I feel it was a nice little model I had made and it shows my ability to use different features which vary from the standard beveling like many other people use. 172743808.jpg

My next steps for this model is to perhaps texture it and make it look a bit better. But for the model itself I am quite happy with it and do not feel like I need to change it but UV unwrapping it and texturing it will definitely make it look a lot better if it had a nice decorative texture on it.