Campfire Scene

We have added a campfire scene from the assets we have made. Most of the scene consists of James’s assets. He has made them specially for this scene. Dillon has made the tent, Brandon the Big brown Box and Jordan the open crate and books. I ad imported all the assets and built the scene in a day. The fire was obviously going to be the center of attention so we added a particle effect to make it look like a fire, this lacks in detail intentionally.

Campfire Scene.PNG

James made the stand for the fire and the logs on the inside. I assembled these together in the current arrangement. I added a flat rock in the middle for the fire to sit on and smaller rocks around the outside to make it look like the stereotypical fire in cartoons. As cartoon style and low poly have a lot of correlations.

campfire scene 2.PNG

Dillon made the tent, intentionally as minimalist as possible. I assembled the items in the crates as they were all empty. Brandon had made the crate. Adding all these different assets together ended out having a really good finished product. The scene fits the theme and it is nicely arranged to look not too fake. We are planning on adding more.


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