Group Prog + Effort & Contribution

As a whole the game itself is coming along a huge way! We are making a lot of progress, however interns of individual contribution these stats are looking not as great. We have 2 main contenders in our group one being I, the other one being James Bland. James interns of group contribution is amazing. He is constantly prepared to pump out bundles of content for me to add and implement into the game. He is really good at Low-Poly modelling he has his method and it works really well. The models he make have a nice look to them and fit the criteria tremendously. He is also really good at Unwrapping the models and sorting the textures out in substance. He is always prepared to help other members of the group when they need assistance with substance. Overall his quality of work and amount of group contribution is amazing, we need more James’s on our team!

I, being the next contender to group contribution. I assemble the environment I import all the models and apply each texture. I then make the textured version into a prefab of its own so when it comes to placing more I only need to do it once. I also need to do all the coding and make the game work. I have coded the boat controller making it do you can mount and dismount the boat, pickup our rotating coins, the GUI/ score system and the stalker crab who only follows you on click. I assembles an Island I made on my own I made a shipwreck scene in the distance so it was not only empty water. I build all the islands/ land mass the rock scene and the docks. I designed the scene as the plan supplied was not in depth.

Dillon, has made some nice finished assets. Well the only finished asset is a cannon. This was to be applied to the ship and set as a child so it followed it around. He is currently working on the boat as our first attempt was not very successful. It was WAY Too high poly and did not fit the low poly criteria. It did not match the style guide. There was a small amount of tension arisen in the group as 2 People wanted to make the boat. It started of with Dillon and bounced to Brandon and Brandons did not suit so Dillon took it upon himself to redo it. He is currently working on the UVs As he wants to add our logo to the sails.

Jordan, our group leader. He has not done much work for the group. He has done a few assets but they are taking a LONG Time to be completed. They are to a reasonable standard however there is just not enough of them being made. He done a lot of concept art into the original idea, He also done the 2D Blockout for the island, However in unity the blockout did not work too well once put into practice so I redesigned it. Interns of quantity, it is not up to the standards as it should be as he is a group leader. There is not much organisation done to the group he has minimal say to what is added to the scene. All in all only 2 models have been produced from him.

Brandon, he is very similar to Jordan. Spend most of his days on Discord rather than working. He complains a lot instead of doing things. He has only produced one Model which is in the scene. He has done some 2D concepts however they have not taken him very long for what they are. He decided to be different and texture his model in PhotoShop, this lead to issues when it was imported into Unity. There were some white patches on the create which I needed to amend. However they are in the scene and work.

Overall the majority of the scene and world is due to the efforts of me and James. We are working well as a team to pump out lots of assets and populate the scene. When you load into the game you primarily see the work of us two.


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