Island 1 Progress

Island 1 is defiantly near completion. It has a decent amount of assets placed around it and it seems to be coming together as an island. It has a very nice stylized look to it and the colours are bright and bold. they correspond well with each other.

Island 1.PNG

We are however still awaiting a few assets from the modelling team. including ground plants and a chest which is part of the MVP. I am looking into making a trigger open the chest. Therefore we need an animation to trigger when its activated.

Island 2.PNG

I had imported the stylized dock against my team leaders will and it has seemed to add more of a feature to the island. I then proceeded to get the rocks I had previously made rotated and scaled them. I placed a selection of them around the posts of the dock to make it look anchored down.

Hermz, a stylized crab has been added and textured. He has been nicely placed on the post to make him clearly visible as most of the group really like him. We are planning on hiding more around the islands.

Island 3.PNG

I have placed the tress in places I felt suited the island and its giving the island some characteristics. Its really beginning to come together from what is once was.


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