Scrum 27th

Dillon, working on the ship adding interior and fixing sails. Facing issues with faces being around the wrong way. Fixing and sewing uvs. Majority done some touching up left.

James, working on the crab, finishing the shell and working on texturing. Not doing uves, just using substance. He’s exporting the tree model he made. It had some issues with planes for the leaves so hes working on fixing that.

Fraser, Fixing coding issues. Working on importing Dillon’s ship. Had issues with the mesh working on adding colliders Masking a new island and dock. To give the world some structure.

Brandon, Working on modelling uving and texturing a crate. using Photoshop for his texturing method.

Jordan, working on modelling an interior for the cab on the ship. Hes also doing some 2D art.



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