Island Progress

The old island was a blockout, the scale was off and it was not quite the final. It did not have much to do about it, it was literally just a hump extruding from the water. I decided to make a new one while making progress in the game. I had visions of a dock, I incorporated this into the island design. I did not want the island to be 100% solid land so in incorporated a lake. I intentionally made the colour different as the lake is above sea level.

Low Poly island maya wireF.PNG

I made the island the same way as the previous however spend more time on this one and thought it through. I wanted a gulf for the boat to be able to dock into. It needed to be straight enough to add the dock but did not want it to be too straight as it needed to have some irregularity. I imported the island into unity and the two pieces which come off it were far too skinny and needed some structure so I then reopened Maya and added some more depth to them.

Low poly island maya No Wiref.PNG

James has already made some variations of palm trees which I am planning on adding. I have just been busy fixing bugs with the code and getting everything working. There are some more generic assets such as chests, crates and a crab I will also be adding. We will also add some shrubbery and rocks. We also need to texture the island and mark out a path where people have been travelling. this will include a campfire with many more assets included in it.


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