Boat Dock Low Poly

For the game we have a rather large ship, due to this I felt it was necessary to build a boat dock fitting the low poly style guide. I went into Maya as I wanted a break from coding as it was giving me a bad head. I then made the dock using only cubes. I then thought that adding a bevel to the edges made it have a stylized look which I really liked while still maintaining the low poly theme.


The dock originally had perfectly inline slats which looked nice but it looked too computer generated. Too perfect. I then decided to add a scatter to the slats making them a bit uneven to give them a cartoon like look. To get the posts on each corner I got a cylinder and reduced the subdivisions to 5 as it was low poly and it looked nice. It still maintained the look of a post without looking too square.

Dock Collider.PNG

I then added the 2 slats underneath the top layer to add some support. Again, it looked too plain so added edgeloops into it. This allowed me to bend the long slats and this made it look like more real but stylized wood as in the time this is based it would never be perfect squares.

Dock Maya 2.PNG

I imported it into unity and added a mesh collider and then added the mesh which came with it when I imported the OBJ. This made a perfect collider for it and meant I did not need to do the same as I did for the Ship. I added a brown material I had made while making the blockout and it looked quite nice. I am waiting for either Brandon or Jordan to do the stylized texturing for it. Dock Maya 1.PNG


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