Replacing the Ship

Dillon took time to make a big ship, this will be one of the main focuses in the game, there is only one issue with it and that is that he made the sale with a plane so it is invisible from one side. After he changes this it will look great! I put it into unity and added some colliders.


I found out that the mesh collider does not work very well with the rigid-body. This lead to me starting to blockout the boat with box colliders. I then realized that if you get a primitive shape, you are able to remove the mesh render. I then decided to blockout the boat using cubes as it was easier to see what was where and where was left. They were also easier to scale move and grab. Once I got the hang of it I made the entirety of the ship out of cubes. I then removed the mesh render so now all that is left is the colliders. I then grouped them in an empty object. and put the empty object as a child of the ship so the colliders follow the ship around.

Ship Colliders and Mesh SS.PNG

This is great as it stops the inspector panel for the ship from being clogged with colliders. There is an easy drop down management. Also Dillon is still working on the ship. The fact I got the basic shape ready is really good as I can now easily find each cube/ collider and move it to its necessary location.

Ship Colliders SS.PNG

I needed to transfer the code onto the new ship. I was faced with issues with the code due to the naming so it took some time to troubleshoot the issues and amend them. I had to add a new line of code to freeze the rotation of the boat when the player is enabled. This is due to the fact when the player was enabled when you rotated the player it was rotating both the boat and the player.


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