Synop Proj Blockout

For part of our group synoptic project we have to do a blockout which is basically a plan of everything and where everything will be going this is to establish a sense of scale and be able to pickup on some potential errors that may be an issue in the later version. This is also a great time to focus on level design.

low poly blockout.PNG

I started off by making the low poly island in Maya using the triangulate tool to make it a cube into triangles, first off I made the cube and made it substantially bigger than the starting cube (*25) I then inserted edge loops and found a number I was happy with. I then proceeded to use the triangulate feature. This halves the quads into tris. Using the soft select feature on Maya I selected a certain vert and pulled it up making it land that is rising out of the ocean. I done the same process for the waves but I did not make the difference as high as the island and I went down in a wave formation

Blockout Giff.gif

This gif displays the basic movement I have currently got. However we aim to make it a lot bigger where you start off in a boat and you are able to leave it at the islands and walk. This is just some movement, I would like to improve on it by making the mouse steer it but this is just the beginning.


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