Traffic Light

My friend Callum is a contributor for a community. They requested that he make a temporary traffic light, he needed some help so I took it upon myself to build the head of the traffic light for him. There were easy parts and hard parts. The  base of it the rectangle it all connects too  was quite easy. It is a simple shape I then added indents to equally divide the 3 lights on the traffic light.

Traffic Light.png

Making the cover for the light was difficult to get the right shape. I started off with a cylinder and move the vertexes to get the right shape. I then smoothed it so it did not have straight edges and it was actually rounded. In order to make this work I needed to crease certain edges or it would morph into itself and it quite simply just broke. After this I then added in some edge-loops and moved them where I needed as one crease was not enough to do what I needed. Once I was happy with the shape I then duplicated it 2 times and then positioned them in the center of the 2 indents where it was perfectly in the middle.

Traffic Light 1.png

For the light part of it this was quite difficult to get this to look right too. I got a sphere and stole a lot of the faces off it. This was all I needed I then got the smooth tool and pulled it out until I was satisfied with it. It took some manual vertex moving to get it too look right. It took some time to scale it to the right size and get it to fit into the cover. I had to manually move it and scale it to make it look right.

Traffic Light 2.png

After I had modeled it and was satisfied I then added the colours to it to make it perfectly clear what it was. It looks a lot better with some colours to it. There was supposed to be a trailer for it to go onto but that was modeled by someone else.

Traffic Light head.jpg

Next steps to this could be making it light up and make the light have an effect on the environment around it. From this perhaps I could make it change colour as this will be quite a cool feature to have. I have all the components to make a traffic light so from this I could make a full sized one not just a temporary one. Maybe make it have 2 sets of lights on it and have them change alternatively.



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