Open Book

For our imagined worlds project We had a book shelf and many books to fill them however we did not have an open book. I thought it would be useful to have this to fill some space in our world even if it was only once or twice on a shelf or table. I then proceeded to make an open book. I started off with a primitive cube and then made it into the book cover which I wanted to be a hard shell. I then extruded up twice where the pages would be and made it the right scale.


I then used the smooth and crease tool to achieve the curved pages which I think looks really good and I am quite happy with the shape I achieved. However unfortunately this item did not get used as the deadline came too quick I feel it was a nice little model I had made and it shows my ability to use different features which vary from the standard beveling like many other people use. 172743808.jpg

My next steps for this model is to perhaps texture it and make it look a bit better. But for the model itself I am quite happy with it and do not feel like I need to change it but UV unwrapping it and texturing it will definitely make it look a lot better if it had a nice decorative texture on it.


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