Ak-47 Progress

I have since gotten my AK to a stage of near completion. This has been a long process. I wanted to try and keep the separate components to a minimum and still have it so it would be easier to texture the model. I had finished modeling the base components to the model and it looked alright After I made a few minor tweaks it was close to the original.

ak 47.jpg

I had then decided that I wanted to texture the model properly, by this I mean that I don’t want to use Keyshot I wanted to actually unwrap the model. I had selected each component and used the automatic unwrap feature. This unwrapped the component but it was not perfect with a few faces out of place and not particularly in the best place so I had cut moved and sewn some faces in different locations as I felt it would be more efficient this way.

AK UV butt text.png

I had done a basic texture on the butt of the gun this was to learn the ropes so I can refresh my memory on how to texture. It did not look the best but I am planning on upgrading the texture making them match and look neater.

Ak Render PNG.png


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