Ak-47 Modelling

I have decided to try and model an Ak-47 For both my High poly asset for Matt and my portfolio. This is because I feel it is a generic asset which could be used as a base gun in any shooter game I might make in the future. I have been modelling this though the process of keeping the separate components of the gun as separate shapes. this is my favorite way of doing it as it has more of a factory manufacturing process to it.

I had started off by making the wooden parts of the gun these are the; butt, handle and barrel. I then moved onto the magazine this was as it was more efficient to do these components then make the main body of the gun fit these parts instead of the other way round.

AK prog.PNG

I will import this into Keyshot once completed and then add some textures to it. I will use the knowledge I picked up from my previous encounters with the rendering software to make this render better than my previous ones. I will adjust the reflections to a realistic amount as previously it had been too reflective and caused problems when rendering. I did not even know that this was a mistake at the time as I did not know there were so many different levels I could adjust.

ak 47 png.png


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