Bow and Arrow idea

I have been focusing on coding so I have thought of a way to mix code and modelling I plan to use my models I make in unity as a side project I want to make a character shoot arrows in Unity. Currently I have code that shoots a ball into a certain direction. This ball can be replaced with any item so I plan on making it an arrow. This arrow I will model in Maya, I have also modeled a bow to shoot the arrow. I am undecided if I will add the animation to the bow of pulling back the string etc… But my friend has a flashlight that is in his face in unity and is in a position where it looks like its in his hand.


When making the bow all I did was start off with a cube, I then extruded the top and bottom faces and pulled these out. I made these smaller to make it look like a grip on the bow. I then extruded the faces again and pulled them out to a length I was happy with. I then used the Soft Select feature to bend the bow but firstly I added 5 edge loops into each arm of the bow so It would be able to bend properly making it look like a curve after i had pulled the wings out.



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