Shooting Unity 3D

Coding is one of my favored classes in NextGen I enjoy making things work and trying to make it more efficient and simplify it. I have been working on a 2D game where you can shoot enemies as this is part of my assessment which is very near. I decided it would be interesting to find out differences between shooting an object in 2D and 3D. I loaded up unity and made a camera and a base platform.

code ball forward.PNG

Currently the camera does not move  but it is still my player. I then made a prefabs folder and a scripts folder. I then made the sphere in my scene and added a rigidbody on it then I put it into my prefabs folder so it would retain the properties I put on it.

Currently the ball spawns upwards and balances on top of each other I am working on fixing this. The code spawns the balls with a velocity.


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