Iron Man Head

This is another side project of mine, it is apparent I really enjoy modeling and I want to push myself using the knowledge I have gained though my other modeling experiences to make this latest model better. I want to render this and have it as a final piece for my portfolio for college. I will be using images I have gathered of the internet for reference instead of drawing but intern it will be the same as drawing just missing this step.

Iron Man front.png

I will be attempting to model Iron Man as it is one of my favorite marvel characters and i feel it will be an enjoyable task at hand. I got an image of the front and side view of his head and opened this into photoshop. I then made this image to the size of 1920×1080 as it is the generic A4 size. I then made a blank Photoshop document of the size 910×1080 this was half of the size if it were in landscape I then put one view of the head in one document and done the same for the other view of the head. This meant I was keeping to the scaling of the images that I have uses as an image plane for my model to make it a lot easier to model as i have actual guide lines to follow.

Iron man Side.png


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