GTA Through the ages

Not many people know this but the original GTA came out as a top down game. Grand Theft Auto is made up of six levels split between the three main cities. In each level, the player’s ultimate objective is to reach a target number of points, which is typically achieved by performing tasks for the city’s local crime syndicate. GTA 1 was released in 1997, the game was only available for 3 platforms; Playstation, Gameboy Colour and PC/ windows.

GTA 1.jpg

When GTA Vice city came out for the Xbox original. The Xbox original took the console market by storm many people had this as it was more affordable and the list of games released for it. Rockstar games were given a lot more ground to work with making it easier for them to make the game they had originally intended to make but was limited by hardware. The Xbox had a lot more power and was easier to play then the game-boy. The colour made it so you can aim and shoot using the toggle sticks. This feature when it originally came out was frowned upon due to many people finding it hard to get to grips with but however is now evolutionary.

GTA Vice.jpg

Now with a 3D world with guns, drugs, cars and a lot of money. GTA was the ideal gangster fantasy game. Still staying to some old traditions from the previous versions. You still get ‘Busted’ once caught from cops and still get ‘Wasted’ once deceased. GTA began to come to a huge success attracting many players from their fun cheats which were collected upon a raggedy piece of paper that the players had researched. From flying cars to spawning tanks the world was yours.

GTA china.jpg

Hardware can be very positive but can also be a letdown using other ways to influence your game play style was highly dictated by the controller and the input to the game. Many companies made huge success from this using platforms such as DS and PSP to branch off to hand held games. With all of this hardware available and different input methods you would assume game development companies will go to town with this opportunity. When GTA released GTA Chinatown it was one of the biggest fails it had done making a boring game which was not enjoyable to play and which ventured from its typical roots.


GTA V was one of the biggest games released it was a huge success and still sttracks hundreds of thousands of players setting new records for sales and players. They originally came out with the game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 This was a limitation as they wanted to implement better graphics but was held back by the systems capacity this lead to the releasing the game 1 year later for next gen consoles like the Xbox one and PS4, they then later released for the PC on steam. Still releasing game changing updates, fixing bugs controlling servers and adding new missions for players to complete shows the success of the game years after launch.


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