Mario 64

After the wave of Mario games for the Atari, the N64 or Nintendo 64 was the revolutionary console of its time. It was one of the first consoles which had buttons and a toggle-stick as its controller. This meant it was now possible to have a 3D walking game. Mario was a world renown game for its features, boss fights, quests challenges. Plus, loads of tubes. From attempting to rescue the princess to fighting Bowser. There was so much to do with this game. Many people found the controller uncomfortable to handle due to its 3 prong handles that altered they way you played each game, having different positions for the controller depending on the game you were playing.

n64 controller.jpgMario 64.jpg

Mario used the same style for all of its missions, implementing one new feature at a time allowing the player to go through a training phase before doing the real task. This means that if the player was doing a jumping task where he had to jump across platforms to reach the end, there will be a safety net beneath it catching Mario so he did not die.

111 mariocart.jpg

Mario 64 was one of the more popular Mario games, this may have been the release of it for the Nintendo Wii. This targeted the youth of a different generation getting them hooked lining the Mario franchise up for future releases such as Mario cart.

wee acces.jpg

The Nintendo Wii release definitely made haste for the Mario franchise lining up the players for more equally addicting Mario games. The Wii gave the game developers many different ways to play from the sensor bar to the gyroscope in the Wii remote, this lead to the use of this for the steering wheel for Mario Cart


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