Console Evolution

Console evolution is critical for influencing game development for example it was impossible to have a first person shooter on something like the NES controller as it does not have the duel joy sticks available that more modern consoles have such as Xbox and PlayStation in fact it does not even have one joy stick it has a typical DPad. A typical Xbox controller has two thumb sticks that allows precision for FPS games such as Call of Duty.


Games with a duel toggle stick was frowned upon as the users found it difficult to get to grips with when it came to FPS games. Many different instruments have been released optimising game play experiences. There are hand helds like the PSP or DS which has evolved is hardware over time, making more games possible. Consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had a rivalry for the best performance and optimisation. Xbox 360 won by a mile as it had way better stats its hardware was just better then Playstation. To reduce cost of the PS3 Sony began making a loss per unit it was selling.


The next generation consoles made the war even more heated. It continued its rivalry and they are so close it is down to personal preference. With a few games which had been the selling point for each console due to their exclusiveness. Now with have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox one Scropio to with more memory and better graphics allowing further optimisation.


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