Game Progress

For Ant and our assessment we needed to make a top down game, for this I have 2 enemies and one player. I added the movement script to the player allowing me to control him moving him with the WASD Keys. I then set the way points for the enemy to travel to. I realized there was no exit to the map so I added a portal and then added an auto rotating script to it to make it look better.

aaaa Bullet kill gif.gif

The bullets the enemy shot were going through the walls, this was bad as they would go through the walls and kill me as the enemies are always looking in my direction. I then added an OnCollision feature which meant when it collided with things it ended the game, the only thing was when the bullets hit the wall it ended the game. I then made it so when the bullets hit the player it then ends the game, I also made them collide with the walls so the bullets did not go through the walls.

I need to change the characters to the ones with the guns but I feel the code is more important at the minute due to the upcoming exam.



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