Walk Cycle Movement

I have finally made something move! After all of the struggling for Matt’s animation project I have persevered  and covered some ground. I literally had to google how to set a key-frame in Maya cause I could not remember the key-frame hotkey. After I had found out the key-frame button I started working out how many frames I was going to used and the key poses in each frame. I had decided to stick to a limit of 25 key-frames. This is going to limit how much I can do.

I went though the animation doing it in passes. I had first of all set the key positions for the leg movement. Then I went and set the key positions for the characters hips as the move up and down with each stride you take. I then moved on to making the back/ upper torso move back an forth with corresponding to his leg movement. He also leaned side to side. Up to this point he had been walking like a robot, I was not too happy with the result but I still went on.


Adding pieces of detail to the movement each time I went through it I then started to add the movement in the ankle controlling the foot as he walks making it look more realistic. For the lean i wanted to make sure people would notice it so I used the principle of exaggeration for this. I then added some simple arm movement, I found this very hard to get it to match with the leg movement as you can see it is awful and needs some work. I have left it at this point and plan on doing more refining after a short break from this task.

herc walk gif.gif



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