Walking Cycle Animation

For Matt we were given the task of creating an animation. For this we were given a huge range of things we can choose from. I was originally excited about this project as I like animating. I had immediately set my self a challenge. I started looking for a rig to use. I did not want to use the simple human like rigs so I went for a dog. This was a bad idea. I had opened this rig in Maya and well, its safe to say it was a bit more complicated than I had originally thought. There were so many errors with the rig which I alter found out was due to my Maya. After leaving it for a few weeks I went back to it and used a different rig out of the selection Gary had given us to use.

rig nor broken.pngRig broken.png

On the left is what it was supposed to look like on the right is what it actually looked like in my Maya. This began to cause issues so I downloaded a different rig and once loaded in it had the same issues. Until I used Gary’s which worked so I stuck with Gary’s.

I had originally had big ambitions for my animation task but after I started doing it I realized how much I had forgotten since last animating. Things such as setting key-frames and setting a character set and even enabling auto key are all things I had forgotten how to do within the space of me last animating. Once I had relearned the skills I needed I just decided to stick with the simple but not so simple walking cycle. I had under estimated the challenges making a walking cycle.

herc still.PNG

After I had decided I was going to do a walking cycle I started to research and found some pose to pose drawing I had used for guidance. This is what I had used as a concrete ground for my animation.walk cycle pose to pose.gif


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