Space Game

For this game I had done quite a lot of work, there was initially a start screen when you open the game. After you press on the play button it would then load the next level I had used the UI System in order to achieve this. I had added code which detected the mouse click by using ‘on mouse down’

A few things had went wrong at first I had found it difficult to navigate the scene management making it possible to change levels. As you have to use the builder menu to load in each scene after I had wrote the code to change the scene I then had to change it on the next scene to then take me to the second level.

Space game GIF.gif

I had made the meteors go into an elliptical path which was because this is how it occurs in real life, I also added a rotate script cause meteors rotate as they move through space. On the first level I had used the stock images and attacked the camera to the ship. Which had a polygon collider assigned to it as I could adjust it to actually be the shape of the ship. Unity done a good job at doing it automatically so I didn’t even need to change anything. The stock images looked quite poor so the second level I had used my own space themed images I had gathered.

As the camera is attached to the ship it means as you spawn you can see the outside of the map and it looks poor so on the second level I had added a Sci- Fi background to it to make it look little bit more eye pleasing. I also added a collider around it so you could not exit the play region.

I added a timer to the maps as well so if you were finding it too easy it added that little bit ore pressure. After the timer hit 0 the level forces a restart. I had made the timer by using GUI Which I was surprised it still worked as this is old unity. I also added a death script to the meteors so once you collide with them it also forces a restart.


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