Top Down Updates

For my top down game there were a few errors which were rather unsatisfying to see such as the fact the character shoots bullets from a knife this was as I had intended the character to knife people to kill them but I have decided to change this to a gun, I may in the future make changeable weapons in a UI So players can choose how they want to challenge the enemies ultimately adding to the experience.

perf chacater coloured gun.png

For the character I literally added a gun, the arms are still in the same position. This made the character on a side on stance this is quite accurate how a trained individual fires a gun as they tend to stand sideways rather then face on. It turns out that the arm locations suited this quite well. I then coloured the gun into the typical AK style with the wooden grips and stock.

After I had done this I rotated the character until the gun was horizontal facing right. This is because this is the way unity load in things when it comes to adding movement to the character it makes my job a lot easier as I do not need to compensate for the angle being off when adding the x, y axis in the movement scripts.


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