Keyshot Rendering

I had imported my model into Keyshot using the plugin I added to Maya to make the process easier. after I had done this I searched for the relevant textures I had decided I wanted beforehand.

sword render.png

Textures: Leather, Silver, Gold and Steel

I literally dragged the textures onto the pre colour coded locations, the only minor difference is I settled for blood red leather instead of regular as I felt it suited the time period better then conventional brown/ black leather. I added a bump map on the silver blade this was to try and made it look worn as it was a scratched texture, it looked terrible so I removed it.

The leather texture I used for my bump map:

leather texture large pattern high resolution stock photo wallpaper brown.jpg

For the leather handle I added the leather texture onto it which I found in keyshot I had assumed it was going to look like leather but instead it was just a PhongE texture that was brown, in the properties I found bump maps so I added a bump map for a leather texture, this then gave me the leather look I was after. I then adjusted the levels of refraction and scaling to suit it perfectly and I was very happy with the final render.

leather grip.14.jpg

This is the final render of the whole sword:




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