Sword finalizing

Before I add the standard textures preparing my model before I import it into keyshot I always see where I can add detail and fix a few errors I tend to spot near the end of the process. I went around the sword fixing things I had clearly missed during the modelling process such as a few verts were out of place all I did was drag them into the same position they were on the other side. I then proceeded to add the simple textures.sword render.png

I added the textures, normally I just add random colours but this time I decided to add the colours I had planned it to be so I got a good feeling on what it was going to look like when I was to do the final texturing in keyshot and then finally render it, overall I am very happy with the sword and it is very close to the template I went off. This is a new way/ method of modeling for me as I normally do not use image planes to structure my modeling but I have discovered it made it a lot easier and I will be using this method more often.

sword with groove.PNG

I had used a boolean to create the trench in the sword blade, I might add the text their on a later date.

sword text bool.PNG


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