Evil Monkey Family Guy

I decided to draw the evil money from family guy as a small project, I was really impressed with what I had achieved I took my time going back over it refining the lines and adding more pressure to the lines I was certain on keeping. I had used my phone again as I was not at my computer, so I used my phone. This presented me with the issue of scaling as quite clearly the A4 paper is considerably bigger then my phone. So this stopped my from just copying.

Evil money.jpg

It took me around 3 attempts to get some serious work done due to the scaling as I had struggles getting it right but once I had made some progress I was able to use the work I had already done to estimate the sizes of the other lines which I felt went quite well in the end. I did use reference for this drawing unlike the anime one and I am quite happy with the final outcome I really want to put this one in illustrator and then refine the lines going over what I hand drew then colouring it.

Evil monkey Family guy.jpg


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