Anime Head

For Tony we are currently focusing on heads and anatomy of the body, to eventually be able to make our own character and model it. I decided to draw an anime head so it had cartoon characteristics and was not supposed to look real. For this drawing there was no influence there was just my imagination of what I thought the head should look like.

Anime character.jpg

With this drawing I am quite happy as I feel I have done most of the features fairly well such as the hair but I feel there is room for much improvement. Once again I plan on importing this into Adobe Illustrator and refining the drawing but before that I will put it in photo shop and adjust the levels to bring out the pencil strokes a bit more as the image is a poor quality. All this does is made the dark colours darker and the lighter colours whiter, making the lines look more obvious then they currently are its extremely useful once its in illustrator.

As you can see with the drawing I had tries to show depth by putting the hair behind her head in a pony tail. and you can see the angles of her chin etc this was because I thought it would look more boring if it was front facing as you wouldn’t quite see the hair but still it is only an anime inspired drawing so I as really left to my own devices as it was what I wanted it did not need to look realistic.


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