Sword Progress

For my sword progress as I have mentioned I have been keeping the pieces separate, this is to make my life rendering a little bit easier. I have been moving the individual verts to create the shape I am happy with. I did not want the edges of the sword blade to be razor sharp so I did not simply merge them into the center I added a sharp curve to the edges. I had also made sure the seam for the handle and the hand guard was as close as possible giving a snug fit.

sword more refining.PNG

I have been learning more about high to low poly baking this is to reduce the number of tries used but still maintain the high level of detail. This is to keep the game fps at a high because the lower the tries on a model the easier it is for the game engine to run. You can achieve high to low poly baking via keeping the same shape of the model but adding extra detail such as grooves and lettering as you saw on the concept drawing, you can also do this with normals.

sword with grip.PNG

I wanted to have a twine grip on the handle so I have modeled this into the handle so all I have to do is add the texture as the depth I needed is already there. so far I am happy with the progress and I cant wait to continue and see the finished rendered result.

sword grip.PNG



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