Sword Side Project

For a side project going alongside the college work I am doing I have decided to model a sword as I feel it is a cool asset to make as it could be used for practically anything in terms of game sense. I had started of with getting a sword concept of the internet as it means following the modeling pipeline which we have been recently introduced to. This helps to get scaling right and the general shape right. I had imported the image onto the side view and began to develop the simple shapes.

sword concept png.PNG

Through my previous experiences using Keyshot to texture models i have adapted my modeling method to suit this. I have began to use more shapes and combine them together as this makes it easier to get the separation of the textures when rendering.


For example of this as you can see the handle is one shape, this will have a different texture to the hand guard, so the hand guard is a different shape and the same with the sword blade. I am more than capable of keeping this to one primitive shape and just using edge-loops and extruding to get the final shape. If you were to separate the sword into different sections you would separate them into the same components I have done. I have done this to add extra detail easily to the separate components and it makes it look more realistic.

sword progress.PNG


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