Heads and Anatomy

As I have mentioned in previous posts we try to draw heads from an unusual angle/ perspective. This is why I had done a blog post on them.

We had been looking at unusual drawing such as faces within faces this is what inspired me to do this drawing, I had started of with the main head which is in the centre of the page. After I had gotten a spherical shape I was happy with I added so guide lines to help me get the angle of the eyes correct and the scale of them. After I done this I had then added a line for the mouth and a simple pyramid where the nose is I started to go around these lines and start adding more lines fine tuning the shape.

Head angles.PNG

After I had done the first head I wanted to add something unusual, this is why I exposed the brains and added smaller heads coming off the neck. Both of the smaller heads are looking at a different angle. And all of the heads are not a front on perspective this was to make it more challenging.



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