Perspective Drawing

We learned how to draw a scene from a perspective via using a focal point and some guidelines to help us judge scale while drawing this also helped me determine the angles I needed, the guide lines were only temporary but certainly helped me visualize the scene I was drawing.

car perspective.PNG

First off I started off with just drawing simple primitive shapes such as a square. After this I had some help from Tony who helped me draw a simple car as that was the soul purpose of doing this as a project from him we needed to create a futuristic vehicle. Before I had started modeling I wanted to develop some concepts.

perspective 1.PNG

For this you can clearly see the height of the lampposts adjusts with the lines this is to help create the sense of distance and locks the idea of the perspective into place.

As you can see I started to draw a simple back to the future inspired car in a scene placed on a section of road. My final 3D model did not look like this concepts but intern I was still rather happy with the result I got.


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