Car Renders

Over the course of a day I had prepared my model for texturing, I had planned to use Keyshot for the texturing as it had a large range of stock materials and it is really simple to use as you can literally drag the textures on via colour coding it prior to importing it to Keyshot. The way Keyshot works is if you drag a material onto a model it changes the whole material for example the stock material is a lambert in Maya and its a grey, if you drag the steel material onto it, it will change the whole model into that material.


I had tried to do this many times before I eventually got final renders I was happy with, I prepared my model for this before I textured it. I done this by colour coding it like I mentioned beforehand.


I had then added creased edges to the model to help create the shape I wanted as I did not want certain edges to be as smooth as others, as you can see in one of my renders the edges were still sharp and not smoothed. Here are 2 screenshots one with the smoothing and the hard edges and one without the smoothing you can clearly notice the difference, I took my time to go around the windows, air vents and the rims on the wheels to get the shapes I was happy with.

Before smoothing:


Car Render final.4.jpg

After smoothing:


Car render side.7.jpg

Here is a close up on the wheels which I am very pleased with.


Car render side.10.jpg

Keyshot was very useful for texturing this model, it made the jib a lot easier but after I have now done it I have developed an understanding on how to make it even easier and I plan on adapting my modelling workflow to contribute to this.


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