Armour on Character

For Tony we are supposed to be working on making a character we have been doing work with this final aim in sight. This means that we are always learning new things to try and help. As you saw with a previous blog we were learning about heads. Today we were focusing on adding armour to a model from Mudbox


Mudbox and maya work really well together, this means you can load the model in maya directly from mudbox. We then looked into the retopology tool this allows us to add faces to the model but have them remain attached to him. Using tab allows us to drag out more edges and more verts. I started to add a shoulder pad which was armour but also wanted it to protect the neck so once I had the faces I was happy with I smoothed it out and made my model not live allowing me to extrude after a quick adjustment of a few edges I liked the result and will use this for future adjustments.


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