Fire Text AE

For Pete we were supposed to create a short after effects clip that affected the text we chose. My friend Oliver had done liquid and I had agreed to do fire. I had downloaded all the effects I used from Footage Crate.

Fire Gif.gif

For this project we were given the comp size and we were instructed to keep them in there. I made a text which said fire in a nice blocky bold font. This was so when it came to creating a mask it made it easier to follow the edges, I then created a black solid and made a mask around the text, I then duplicated this and added white noise then made this a scorching orange and then added black to make it seem like it was glowing coal.

I then got some stock fire png footage then added it to areas I felt it would suit then I duplicated it, rotated scaled and flipped the fire to then create the effect that there were different fires going across the text.

I then added the smoke cloud and made it so after the text is covered it extinguished the flame, and then reduced the opacity to make it fade out. This gave the appearance the smoke was dissipating. After the smoke wave to extinguish it I then added a different smoke feature to make it look like it was still steaming. I then made this fade out as the smoke did.


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