New wheel

As I have been saying in prior blogs, I was not very happy with the wheels on my car, I have used my mams alloys as inspiration as I liked the alloys. I am really happy with them, it took me a while to get the shape im happy with.

car new wheels


I started off via making a cylinder then reducing the sides from 20 to 5 this was a pentagon which is what I wanted. I then made the bolts the same way than simply added a bevel to them to round them off. I positioned them where I wanted and got them all exactly because the interior angle of a pentagon is 72 and the exterior is 108 so due to this information I was able to us it to angle them correctly and position them perfectly.

new car wheels.PNG

After this I then got a cube then turned it into a fence post shape. I then added some edge-loops and used the scale tool on the edges either side to make them curved. I then duplicated this and made it smaller I then used this to create a boolean into it which then added the hole I wanted. I then pressed insert and re-positioned the pivot point to the vertex on in the center of the pentagon in the middle I then rotated this by 72 and duplicated them again until I had every side set. I then created a tube which I then scaled to fit around the rims I had made and then made them the thickness of a tire.


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