Low Poly Car

This is an individual render of the boat car that I made for the low poly project. This was rendered in KeyShot 6 which is an external software which can be used to render Maya models. This is extremely useful as you are able to get immense detail and get 4k renders from this. I find it easier to get a nice finish from this rather then using Maya this includes their turtle renderer.

boat car side view.png

This car as you know was wacky races inspired which meant it had to be crazy and something you wouldn’t associate as a ‘typical’ car. I got my inspiration from this due to an obsession Callum had with a rubber dingy we saw when looking for low poly assets to use for inspiration. I intentionally made the wheels irregular and added a Sponge Bob inspired engine at the rear of the boat. I then added a mast and a sale to make it look more like a stereotypical boat.

boat car render.png


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