AE Skin Replacement

skin capture.gif

We were doing skin replacement on Adobe AE this was inspired by the new Netflix series Iron Fist. This is a series where his hand glows and it has immense strength.

The aim of this was to make an area of his face glow and display his veins. An example of this is when you get a really strong torch and shine it through your hand is has a similar effect. We achieved this look by using the white noise effect on an area we had selected via the pen tool, this created a mask. I wanted to create a more of a cool effect so I tried moving it around and rotating it to make it look like it was moving under his skin. I used a lot of feathering and scaling to make the veins look like they were under each other and not on the same layer.

There is room for improvement but I am happy with it as you can see if you look closely the veins go off his face near the end. I also wanted to make it fade into one point by scaling into a mall area then disappearing.


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