Finalizing the Shape

I have been doing some tidying up on my car, I have been faced with a few more issues while trying to reach this stage. I’ve been trying to refine the shape into a more car like shape and its safe to say I am quite happy with it. I have significantly reduced the size of the front end and added a more round feel to it and added a curve to the bonnet. There is still a lot of work to be done to the front end but its getting there.

car prog 3.PNG

In many sports/ super cars the engine is at the back instead of the front. I have added a section for where I would like to add the engine. I have then added a grill where you can see through I achieved this by adding a Boolean which added holes and gave the grill look I was after so now your able to see through it. I also done a small number of minor adjustments to the back to make it more curved.

This car is inspired by the Audi TT But I am not trying o make a replica.


car rear 2.PNG

Underneath the car I have made more booleans for where the chassis will sit  so there is room for the axles and I have moulded this to a stage I am happy with. I do want to redo the wheels as I do not like these ones but overall the car is coming along well and I am making good progress.


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