Low Poly Island Completion

test 121jpg.43.jpg

As a group project we were instructed to create a Wacky Races inspired island which had limitations to the poly count. The polys count was limited to 1000 tris per asset.

We had sectioned this off into different pieces different people were instructed to make different assets. I was the team leader and it was down to me to maintain communication within the group and have a direct link and understanding on what persons were doing what. Jason was in charge of organizing the assets and doing the final renders as he has a more advanced render program then the rest of us did and it was easier for him to do it as he used KeyShot 6 which made it a lot simpler and lead to us not needing to UV unwrap. Jason also made a large number of the assets used ranging from the mountains to the trees and fences all made a huge difference.

Oliver had made log cabins and a cruise ship which was to go in the lake.

Dillon made some smaller assets like the pyramids on the mountain, cable cart, bridge and log fires.

I made the bleachers, the cable cart stand, pagoda and the low poly boat car.

test 121jpg.47.jpg

Callum also made a car.

We all inputted assets into the pool which we were able to use as and when we needed them. Jason was exceptional at organizing the assets he was given and making a use of what he had. Overall we made it as a team and all contributed and I am quite content with the final piece.

test 121jpg.44.jpg

test 121jpg.42_clown.png




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