Car Progress

I have done some more refining around the model ranging from the scale to the curves. All the minor tweaks made a massive difference to the form of the car.

car base shape.jpg


I added an engine bay in the rear as its a super car and the engine is typically in the back. I then added a grill over this to conceal this. I then moved the rear fenders further out allowing me to make a hole in the side of it and add an air intake. This was very difficult and I most certainly did not do this the best way but I extruded faced and target welded them together I became quite happy with the form of this but there is still room to improve it.

car air intake progresscar air intake

After I had made this air intake I then decided I had spent enough time on the rear of the car so I then focused more on a spoiler as the rear wheel arches were very time consuming. up until this part the whole body of the car was one shape which was my focus. This car is still an on going project and I hope to get this completed soon but this is my latest progress update.

car 2.jpg





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