Car Body Work

I wanted to try and keep the body of the car one shape, I attempted to form the body of the car with just extruding and inserting edge loops and manually moving the edges to form the curve that I was happy with. I wanted to lower the back of the car cause it seemed to have a more of a saloon appearance before I changed it.

car base shape 1.jpg

An issue I was faced with, once I had lowered the rear of the car it had affected the wheel arches at the back. as I didn’t select these It left them risen and I had done to many actions before I realised this issue so I could not undo and reconstruct it without starting all over. As you can see the wheel arches are considerably higher and it took a great deal of time to mould these into a shape I was happy with but I must say I am very happy with the curve I have achieved.

car shape 1.jpgcar base shape front.jpg

As a solution I had added an edge loop in the centre and cut the model in half this allowed me to only need to focus on one side as I knew I could mirror it on the other side once I was happy with it. I moved all the individual verts to get the curve I liked.

car rear fender progress.jpg

I have done minimal to no work on the front so try to just focus on the back until I have worked on the front bumper and bonnet.


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