Rigging With Expression Controls

I set up a rigging system on a robot within Adobe After Effects. This was done by using Expression Controls, to do this I went into the effects and presets tab and chose ‘Angle Control’ I attached this to the last link in the arm ‘Arm 7’ and made my way towards to the body. I re-assigned the pivot location to the synapses between each link in the arm. I also reassigned the pivot for every component into more convenient locations this allowed me to get a more flush movement when moving the components.



I also setup parenting for all components so they could move as one and more efficiently this allowed me to move the arms in a circular form.


We added a rotation to every layer by coping and pasting the Angle control on every arm piece. We added an adjustment layer to be the controller of the arms. This keeps the Angle Control and we names them accordingly setting each control to each arm and labelling them Left and Right.


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