Individual Game Jam Prep

For this we needed to plan and prepare a game for our individual game jam. I wanted to start off by making an asset for the  player. I used illustrator for this and used an image as a guide the image came with rights to use it. After I had done a few minor tweaks to the character I then imported it into photo shop and then added some simple colouring to the character due to the fact as of this point he was just an outline.

Once in unity I imported the asset and made haste on file management by creating a scripts folder and assets folder just to keep my work organised, afterwards I added simple movement mechanics to my character


perf chacater.pngperf chacater coloured.png

I had kept the illustrator file so in the future I can animate the arm when my character is attacking an enemy. In the future I also plan on adding different weapons to my game so my character can change the weapon making it easier to do the task at hand.




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