Sky Replacement

Well, I was instructed to change the sky of a given scene. After this I then decided to choose a more complex scene and a more complex sky. I tried to do this the classic way buy adjusting the colours from the RGB To black and white then making it more ridged. This meant that the white was see through and the black was solid so he aim was to make the sky white and the landscape black.

After this I added a black solid and a white solid I then masked this out. I then added in the sky and feathered it in to make it appear more natural afterwards I then needed to fix the colour. to do this I used effect and colour correction and used the auto colour correction and manually tweaked it to get the finish I liked.

I needed to make the scene darker, as the image I used was really bright and it did not match the sky I’d put in. After this I needed to manually change the colour of some of the trees as they had an orange glow from the sun in the image before.

Empty Highway Edited.jpg

This is my image that I edited.

empty highway.jpg

This is the image is was before I edited it.


There was an issue when I was changing the sky as there were some white bits peering through the tree line to fix this I cut out a mask of the tree line and moved it over the hole and then I feathered this in and this looked amazing people will never be able to tell where this was from looking at the image.

After I was content with my image I feathered the tree line and added an optical focus to the image making the outer edges of the focal oval appear darker then the inside.


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