The Low Poly Island

As a project for Matt we were instructed to make a low poly wacky races inspired island. We were set with team leaders who needed to construct a team.

We wanted to make a flying island with a border this was left down to Jason, he also made some mountains and a range of exposable assets such as trees and fences. Then he added a tunnel so the road didn’t just appear from nowhere. Oliver made an aircraft carrier so Jason made a lake in order to compensate for this providing it a use.

I made a car a number of trees and a seating stand for spectators to sit. All assets were limited to 1000 tris.

Callum and Dillon made some more assets such as a bridge road sections and  a car.bleacher 2.PNG

This was a team effort and we have an abundance of assets, Jason is going to put all of these assets to use and put the in the landscape and fix a number of textures on all of the assets making them fit in the scene and look a little more cartoony.

Boat car.PNG



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