Maya Ident – Eve Animation

This is my ident which I made in Maya, this is supposed to be a short clip including a character we made. We were running at 24 fps and it needed to be around 10 seconds long so this meant we were supposed to keep the animation within 10 seconds (240 Frames)

This is a short animation I made by using the animation method called pose to pose, basically I animated in passes going through my animation time and time again fine tuning my animation until I felt happy with it. I achieved this by using the hypergraph editor and creating a character set for my character. I then used the hierarchy Linking everything to my main body, the arms were linked to the body then the head was linked to the body but the ears were also linked to the head but intern still linked to the body. I also relocated the pivot point to my components, I achieved this by hitting insert and then holding V To allow it to snap to the vertices.

I used a classic story board to plan my animation, however in my original plan I did intend on having a road as the main feature but as you can see this is not present in my final render. From this I then got the basic movement of my character and the path I wanted her to travel from this I added subtle movements which seemed to make a huge difference from the sway of her arms to the bobbing of her head ad she eases in. To then adding irregularity’s to her arms swaying when she jumps back to make her appear more human like. I made this more extreme as it perhaps should be as I was using the animating principle of exaggeration Along with slow in slow out, this means she starts of fast slows down. The movement is not one constant speed. I also used secondary motion this is noticeable as she stops her arms sway forward, this also applies to the letters as they bounce the move appearing like they have actually impacted the floor and there is a subtle bounce giving the appearance of a velocity and mass.

After we were content with the animation we then needed to batch render, after I had set my chosen settings, 1920 x 1080 and so on we then batch rendered. This left us with a folder full of every frame we had. We then opened adobe premier pro and set up a new scene afterwards I then imported the images as an image sequence this meant premier pro will register this as an animation and do most of the work for me. After this I added the floor into it and chose the colour (white) and rendered this as a HD animation. There was still one issue which was the large file size so we used handbreak which is a free software to make the file size smaller but keep the same high quality.

Eve Model image.PNGeve.jpg

My animation is not perfect however there is still work to be done, as you may have noticed there is light on Eve herself but there are no shadows but still a ground plain. This is an error I am yet to improve on, I also want to add some camera movement perhaps a panning zoom I just did not like the fact she went off screen and would like to change that with using more then one camera and using different camera angles.

Eve jump.PNG

My favorite part is how she jumps once the letters collide with the floor, this was the most challenging frames to produce but I am quite proud of the end result as she jumps the letters bounce and her arms flail. I used the graph editor to create irregularities in her arms movement making them appear more human like as she jumps back almost like she has has a fright and jumps backwards in fear.


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