Chroma Keying

I was doing a project dealing with green screen footage and a world. First I imported the files and constructed a Pre Comp then I imported the green screen footage. I move this to a higher order in the layers as I wanted it to be on top. After effects works like this in sort of a hierarchy system. It prioritizes the higher layer.

Then I needed to remove the green area on the green screen, this is so the individual in the footage looked in the actual area. I removed the green screen by using the KeyLight extension. This is located in the effects tab then Keying then  KeyLight 1.2 I used the colour picker and used this to select the green screen near the character as this was the focus area.

Once I had removed the green screen we then needed to work on removing the other props in the scene which aren’t supposed to be there. (Lighting equipment, Mic Stands) We done this using the pen tool and a mask. We moved the shape around setting key frames and re adjusting the shape by clicking off the mask path double clicking the selection tool then then selecting the mask we were then able to re adjust the points.

No equiptment.PNG


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